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Individual and Family Consultation

Sometimes families face challenges with communicating their eldercare concerns or desires, or discover that they have dramatically different opinions on what care is needed, when, and how that should look. Even when there IS agreement, many families/individuals and can benefit greatly from the assistance of an outside facilitator to keep discussions/decision-making on track.


Consultation services may be one-time or ongoing, and include:

  • Distribution and review of intake forms assessing the main concerns, needs, and goals of each person involved
  • 60-minute consultation - via remote access using skype, facetime, or another audio/video capable platform, or face-to-face if all family members are in the service area, or any combination of in-person and remote access that fits your family’s needs
  • Brief follow-up report outlining main issues and recommended next steps (both immediate and longer-term), which may include services from other providers (e.g., case management, homecare, companions, or legal services).

 The goals are to:

  • Clarify and open discussions about concerns, needs, and goals of each family member
  • Determine if all parties are on the same page or not, based on the information provided on intake forms
  • Identify key points agreement
  • Identify key points of disagreement
  • Identify what can be agreed on now for immediate action, and what may require more discussion to reach agreement or find workable compromise(s)
  • Build an action plan that is acceptable to all involved

Please select from the dropdown menu or call or email to arrange your free, no obligation consultation                                   

(+1) 250-385-0030 (Pacific Time Zone)

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